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Hosting Proposals

The ICPE Steering Committee is soliciting proposals for location and organizers of future ICPE conferences.

Proposals should include the following information:

  • Proposed location including a short summary of why this would be a great location for the ICPE conference.
  • The name of the host institution and the affiliation, position, and co-ordinates of the contact person as well as a short summary about previous experiences of conference and/or workshops organization.
  • The dates you suggest for the conference, with alternatives if you wish.
  • Possible venues for the conference and why they would be a good choice. Brief information regarding meeting rooms, catering facilities, etc.
  • Whatever details you can give of available local accommodation (hotels, suitable student accommodation)?
  • Some details of transportation - how can your location be reached and will local transportation be needed/provided?
  • Potential corporate supporters / sponsors that you can attract.
  • Potential co-located events.
  • (Optional) Estimated preliminary budget for the conference (consider meeting space room rental, meals/snacks, AV equipment, local transport, etc).
  • Any other details or information that you feel might be helpful.

Proposals should be submitted to the ICPE Steering Committee by email to: icpe-sc[at]lists[dot]uni[dash]wuerzburg[dot]de.

The location of ICPE has already been decided for the next years until 2022. Proposals can be submitted for 2023 onwards.