Best Paper Awards

ICPE 2023

10-year Most Influential Paper Award:
Nikolas Herbst; Nikolaus Huber; Samuel Kounev; Erich Amrehn.
Self-Adaptive Workload Classification and Forecasting for Proactive Resource Provisioning

Best Paper Award (Research Track):
Raffaela Groner; Peter Bellmann; Stefan Höppner; Patrick Thiam; Friedhelm Schwenker; Matthias Tichy.
Predicting the Performance of ATL Model Transformations


Talha Mehboob; Noman Bashir; Michael Zink; David Irwin.
Is Sharing Caring? Analyzing the Incentives for Shared Cloud Clusters

Stephen Nicholas Swatman; Ana Lucia Varbanescu; Andy Pimentel; Andreas Salzburger; Attila Krasznahorkay.
Systematically Exploring High-Performance Representations of Vector Fields Through Compile-Time Compositions

Yueming Hao; Nikhil Jain; Rob Van der Wijngaart; Nirmal Saxena; Yuanbo Fan; Xu Liu.
DrGPU: A Top-Down Profiler for GPU Applications

Best Industry Paper Award:
Aris Leivadeas; Nikolai Pitaev; Matthias Falkner.
Analyzing the Performance of SD-WAN Enabled Service Function Chains Across the Globe with AWS

Best Data Challenge Paper Award:
Jared Chad Swanzen; Kyle Thomas Botes; Husnaa Molvi; Omphile Monchwe; Dan Phala; Dustin van der Haar.
Analysing Static Source Code Features to Determine a Correlation to Steady State Performance in Java Microbenchmarks


Lukas Beierlieb; Andre Bauer; Robert Leppich; Lukas Ifflaender; Samuel Kounev.
Efficient Data Processing: Assessing the Performance of Different Programming Languages

ICPE 2022

10-year Most Influential Paper Award:
Sadeka Islam; Kevin Lee; Alan Feke; Anna Lui.
How a consumer can measure elasticity for cloud platforms

Research Track:
Richard Li; Min Du; Zheng Wang; Hyunseok Chang; Sarit Mukherjee; Eric Eide.
LongTale: Toward Automatic Performance Anomaly Explanation in Microservices


Chuanming Shao; Jinyang Guo; Pengyu Wang; Jing Wang; Chao Li; Minyi Guo.
Oversubscribing GPU Unified Virtual Memory: Implications and Suggestions

Industry/Experience Track:
Lixiang Luo; I-Hsin Chung; Seetharami Seelam; Ming-hung Chen; Yun Joon Soh.
NVMe Virtualization for Cloud Virtual Machines


Martin Straesser; Johannes Grohmann; Jóakim von Kistowski; Simon Eismann; André Bauer; Samuel Kounev.
Why Is It Not Solved Yet?: Challenges for Production-Ready Autoscaling

ICPE 2021

10-year Most Influential Paper Award:
Catia Trubiani; Anne Koziolek.
Detection and solution of software performance antipatterns in Palladio architectural models

Research Track:
Laura Carnevali; Riccardo Reali; Enrico Vicario.
Compositional evaluation of stochastic workflows for response time analysis of composite web services

ICPE 2020

10-year Most Influential Paper Award:
Anne Martens (now Koziolek), Heiko Koziolek, Steffen Becker, Ralf Reussner.
Automatically Improve Software Architecture Models for Performance, Reliability, and Cost Using Evolutionary Algorithms

Research Track:
Juliana Alves Pereira, Mathieu Acher, Hugo Martin, Jean-Marc Jézéquel.
Sampling Effect on Performance Prediction of Configurable Systems: A Case Study
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Yutong Zhao, Lu Xiao, Xiao Wang, Lei Sun, Bihuan Chen, Yang Liu, Andre Bondi.
How Are Performance Issues Caused and Resolved?-An Empirical Study from a Design Perspective
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Thang Le Duc, Mark Leznik, Jörg Domaschka, Per-Olov Östberg.
Workload Diffusion Modeling for Distributed Applications in Fog/Edge Computing Environment
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Zakaria Ournani, Mohammed Chakib Belgaid, Romain Rouvoy, Pierre Rust, Joel Penhoat, Lionel Seinturier.
Taming Energy Consumption Variations In Systems Benchmarking
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ICPE 2019

Research Track:
Carl Pearson, Abdul Dakkak, Sarah Hashash, Cheng Li, I-Hsin Chung, Jinjun Xiong, Wen-Mei Hwu.
Evaluating Characteristics of CUDA Communication Primitives on High-Bandwidth Interconnects


Tatsushi Inagaki, Yohei Ueda, Takuya Nakaike, Moriyoshi Ohara.
Profile-based Detection of Layered Bottlenecks

Industry/Experience Track:
Jóakim von Kistowski, Johann Pais, Tobias Wahl, Klaus-Dieter Lange, Hansfried Block, John Beckett, Samuel Kounev.
Measuring the Energy Efficiency of Transactional Loads on GPGPU


Andreas Burger, Heiko Koziolek, Julius Rückert, Marie Platenius-Mohr, Gösta Stomberg.
Bottleneck Identification and Performance Modeling of OPC UA Communication Models

ICPE 2018

Research Track:
Shi Dong; Xiang Gong; Yifan Sun; Trinayan Baruah; David Kaeli.
Characterizing the Microarchitectural Implications of a Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) Execution on GPUs


Markus Weninger; Hanspeter Mössenböck.
User-defined Classification and Multi-level Grouping of Objects in Memory Monitoring

Kundi Yao; Guilherme B. de Pádua; Weiyi Shang; Steve Sporea; Andrei Toma; Sarah Sajedi.
Log4Perf: Suggesting Logging Locations for Web-based Systems’ Performance Monitoring

Industry/Experience Track:
John Nicol, Chen Li, Peinan Chen, Tao Feng; Haricharan Ramachandra.
ODP: An Infrastructure for On-Demand Service Profiling


Nikolai Pitaev, Matthias Falkner, Aris Leivadeas; Ioannis Lambadaris.
Characterizing the Performance of Concurrent Virtualized Network Functions with OVS-DPDK, FD.IO VPP and SR-IOV

ICPE 2017

Research Track:
Varsha Apte, T.V.S. Viswanath, Devidas Gawali, Akhilesh Kommireddy, Anshul Gupta.
AutoPerf: Automated Load Testing and Resource Usage Profiling of Multi-Tier Internet Applications


Cheng Wang, Qianlin Liang, Bhuvan Urgaonkar.
An Empirical Analysis of Amazon EC2 Spot Instance Features Affecting Cost-effective Resource Procurement

Alexey Ilyushkin, Ahmed Ali-Eldin, Nikolas Herbst, Alessandro V. Papadopoulos, Bogdan Ghit, Dick Epema, Alexandru Iosup.
An Experimental Performance Evaluation of Autoscaling Policies for Complex Workflows

Tyler Szepesi, Benjamin Cassell, Tim Brecht, Derek Eager, Jim Summers, Bernard Wong.
Using Libception to Understand and Improve HTTP Streaming Video Server Throughput

ICPE 2016

Research Track:
Weikun Wang, Giuliano Casale, Ajay Kattepur, Manoj Nambiar.
Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Closed Queueing Network Demands from Queue Length Data


Niklas Carlsson.
Optimized eeeBond: Energy Efficiency with non-Proportional Router Network Interfaces

Industry/Experience Track:
Michael J. Steindorfer and Jurgen J. Vinju.
Performance Modeling of Maximal Sharing

ICPE 2015

Research Track:
Qiushi Wang, Katinka Wolter.
Reducing Task Completion Time in Mobile Offloading Systems through Online Adaptive Local Restart


Weiyi Shang, Ahmed E. Hassan, Mohamed Nasser, Parminder Flora.
Automated Detection of Performance Regressions Using Regression Models on Clustered Performance Counters

Industry/Experience Track:
Manu Awasthi, Tameesh Suri, Zvika Guz, Anahita Shayesteh, Mrinmoy Ghosh, Vijay Balakrishnan.
System-Level Characterization of Datacenter Applications


Zhenyun Zhuang, Haricharan Ramachandra, Cuong Tran, Subbu Subramaniam, Chavdar Botev, Chaoyue Xiong, Badri Sridharan.
Capacity Planning and Headroom Analysis for Taming Database Replication Latency: Experiences with LinkedIn Internet Traffic

ICPE 2014

Research Track:
Peter Libič, Lubomír Bulej, Vojtěch Horky, Petr Tůma.
On the limits of modeling generational garbage collector performance


Diego Perez-Palacin and Raffaela Mirandola.
Uncertainties in the modeling of self-adaptive systems: a taxonomy and an example of availability evaluation

Industry/Experience Track:
Jianbin Fang, Henk Sips, LiLun Zhang, Chuanfu Xu, Yonggang Che, Ana Lucia Varbanescu.
Test-driving Intel Xeon Phi


Thomas R.W. Scogland, Craig P. Steffen, Torsten Wilde, Florent Parent, Susan Coghlan, Natalie Bates, Wu-chun Feng, Erich Strohmaier.
A power-measurement methodology for large-scale, high-performance computing

ICPE 2013

Research Track:
Balaji Subramaniam, Wu-chun Feng.
Towards energy-proportional computing for enterprise-class server workloads


Christoph Heger, Jens Happe, Roozbeh Farahbod.
Automated root cause isolation of performance regressions during software development

Jean-Michel Fourneau, Katinka Wolter, Philipp Reinecke, Tilman Krauß, Alexandra Danilkina.
Multiple class G-networks with restart

Industry/Experience Track:
Klaus Dieter Lange, Jeremy A. Arnold, Hansfried Block, Nathan Totura, John Beckett, Mike G. Tricker.
Further implementation aspects of the server efficiency rating tool (SERT)


Tilmann Rabl, Meikel Poess, Hans-Arno Jacobsen, Patrick O'Neil, Elizabeth O'Neil.
Variations of the star schema benchmark to test the effects of data skew on query performance

ICPE 2012

Best in Innovation Paper Award (Research Track):
Giuliano Casale and Peter Harrison.
A class of tractable models for run-time performance evaluation

Best Industry-Related Paper Award (Research Track):
Thijmen de Gooijer, Anton Jansen, Heiko Koziolek, Anne Koziolek.
An industrial case study of performance and cost design space exploration

Best Student Paper Award (Research Track):
Vlastimil Babka, Peter Libič, Tomáš Martinec, Petr Tůma.
On the accuracy of cache sharing models

ICPE 2011

Best Paper Award (Research Track):
Gokcen Kestor, Vasileios Karakostas, Osman S. Unsal, Adrian Cristal, Ibrahim Hur, Mateo Valero.
RMS-TM: a comprehensive benchmark suite for transactional memory systems

Best Paper Award (Research Track):
Catia Trubiani and Anne Koziolek.
Detection and solution of software performance antipatterns in palladio architectural models